The Need of Mist collector systems

Dust, dirt and oil mist is the most common issue in any industrial and manufacturing sector. It pollutes the working environment thus causing a serious health hazard to the employees as well as deteriorates the working condition of the machines installed. The Government has imposed strict rules on the manufacturing and industrial sector to adhere to safety standards, otherwise serious action would be taken against companies neglecting the rules. Therefore it has vital for the industrial sector to install futuristic and contemporary equipment which can clean the work environment and ensures good health of the employee and machines.

Mist Collector systems- Working principle, features and benefits

The Mistcollectorindia has come up with the best solution of providing Mist collectors systems, which can efficiently suck the contamination and oil mist and provide a clean, green environment.  The mist collector systems Bangalore supports optimised equipment which is provided with high-quality filters. It adopts two-step filtration methods. In the first stage, large droplets of oil and water are sucked and in the second filtration, small droplets which were missed in the first step get trapped in the filter.

The mist collector systems Bangalore use the method of electrostatic precipitation to remove residual mist. The tiny droplets which were absorbed get ionized and are attracted to the filter. The droplets are further drained through the pipe and a pollution free clean air surrounds the environment. The oil or coolant mists contaminates the air causing serious health hazards. The level of risk is directly proportional to the number of hours the employee gets exposed in the polluted environment. The mist collector systems Bangalore reduces this risk factor and prevents the employee from serious health hazards.

The mist collector systems Bangalore have provided products which work efficiently for a number of industrial and commercial environments such as aircraft, Mechanical process, manufacturing process, and automobile industries.

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