The importance of CNC mist collector

A CNC machine or a computer numerated machine is essential in the manufacturing sector for calibrating details about specifications of the machine and other important calculations. These machines are placed at the critical unit which is prone to dust and smoke. The CNC machine which is intricate and delicate can get hampered with constant exposure to dust and contamination and hinder its efficiency and performance. These machines are costly and also vital for the mechanical process. Therefore such machines need to be protected from harmful contaminants. The CNC mist collector from Mistcollectorindia is produced to absorb the contaminants which hinder the functionality of the CNC machines.

CNC Mist collectors-  A brief understanding

During the mechanical process, the heat and pressure produced get mixed up with the coolant which forms tiny droplets and mist gets created. The level of mist increases depending upon the type and quality of coolant or lubricant. The CNC mist collectors absorb the mist using high-quality filters which ionize the droplets and spreads only clean air back to the work environment. The size of the droplets also depends on the type of the coolant, which is a water-based coolants makes larger droplet whereas oil-based coolants are small in size.

The mist from the environment could be collected in two ways that are the CNC mist collector could be placed directly at the source and absorb the mist and dust. A canopy hood could be placed at the source to prevent the mist from spreading into the environment. In cases where the CNC mist collector cannot be placed at the source then it could be placed at an appropriate place to filter the contaminated air and clean the environment.  There are two types of CNC mist collectors, in the first type, it is wall mounted and the motor is fixed on the top and the filter is placed below. In the second type, it is directly mounted on the machine and the filter and motor are placed inside the iron base.

The CNC mist collector is the most reliable and cost efficient machine to eliminate the contamination and also increases the productivity level.

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