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Mist Collector Manufacturers

Mist Collector

As industrial safety norms and government regulations become stringent, it becomes critical for manufacturers to install new-age equipment that improve the work environment and ensure the good health of employees. Government officials may impose a fine or take legal action against the company in case of serious violations found.
Metalworking fluids like oil or coolant mists or other contaminated mists can cause severe health issues for people. Direct contact with the skin or continuous inhalation can be extremely dangerous. Hence, installation of mist collecting system is an efficient way of managing it. Mist Collectors Manufacturers offer state-of-the-art, stylish products suiting the needs of consumers. They work efficiently for a variety of industrial and commercial environments like aircrafts, machinery and tools, manufacturing process, and automobile industries.

mist collectors manufacturers

Mechanical processes like grinding and sawing cause tiny drops of oil or coolant circulate in the surrounding air. It creates a mist that gets settled on material and equipment and gets inhaled by people working in the premises.
Studies proved that oil mist or coolant mist is extremely hazardous for the health of people working in the organization. Other than mild problems like difficulty in breathing and skin irritation, there can be severe implications of it; like cancer or respiration problems. Hence, there are guidelines issued by regulating authorities regarding installation and maintenance of mist control devices. There is a high correlation between health hazards and coolant mist or oil mist in the surroundings. The level of risk is directly proportionate to the extent and number of hours spent in mist environment. Good quality mist filters from reputed Mist Collectors Manufacturers bring the risk down considerably.
When an industry standard mist collector is installed in the workplace, it sucks the polluted air through the mechanical component called mist impinge. It removes large sized droplets of oil or coolant to the atmosphere. The second stage works on the tiny droplets that are not captured in the first stage. A special process known as Electrostatic precipitation removes residual mist by using electrical charge that generates a magnetic field. Tiny oil droplets get ionized and attract to the filter. Clean air is returned to the room, and the droplets are drained through pipes.

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